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Sharon Brown Standridge was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains and later the plains of Nebraska.  That memory of living in the mountains still inspires some of her work today.  Sharon Standridge has become a noted painter depicting the life of the American west and nostalgic figurative scenes with great light and energy.

Sharon’s western heritage runs deep.  Her grandfather, father, his four brothers and a sister were  known as the world’s youngest rodeo performers, Tex Brown and His Little Buckaroos. This rich western heritage has permitted Sharon to render the people and places in their vivid authenticity.

Sharon and her husband, David, have become long time residents of Texas where her studio overlooks the beauty and tranquility of Lake Bridgeport in North-central Texas.  The couple’s son and his three children live nearby, and all often serve as models for Sharon’s paintings.

“I am Thankful that God has given me the ability and the opportunity to paint the beauty that is all around us.  My desire is to grow and learn more with each new work of art and hopefully stir emotion or memories to those who collect my work.”

  • A TIMELESS  LEGACY,   Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell, MT, Aug 13, - Sept. 10,2016
  • COWGIRL UP!  Art from the Other Half of the West, March 2009 -2019       Invitational
  • TRAVELING THE WEST SHOW , Southwest Gallery, Dallas, Texas, Oct. -Nov.2015 Invitational
  • NIGHT OF ARTISTS , BRISCOE MUSEUM, San Antonio, Texas,   2006, - 2012   Invitational
  • TEXAS STAMPEDE,  Exhibition at the State Capitol in Austin--- Ground Floor Rotunda,
             February,  14 - 27, 2010 -- March, 2 -21 , show moves to InSight  Gallery, Fredericksburg
  • THE RUSSELL,  C.M. RUSSEL MUSEUM, Great Falls, Montana,    March 2010
  • ROUNDUP, Museum of Western Art, Kerrville, Texas,  2008  - 2010    Invitational
  • SOLO  SHOW,  Bosque Art Center,  Clifton, Texas,   June - July, 2009
  • COLLECTORS  CLASSIC , Museum of Western Art, Kerrville, Texas   2007 , 2008   Invitational
  • GREELEY  STAMPEDE,  Greeley, Colorado,  June- July  2008        Invitational
  • ONE WOMAN SHOW, LA CIMA CLUB,  Las Colinas, Irving, Texas   July, August, 2006
  • MOUNTAIN OYSTER SHOW, Tucson, Arizona,..2005, - 2007    Juried
  • HORIZONS SHOW,  Austin, Texas,   2006,    Invitational
  • BOSQUE CONSERBATORY FINE ARTS,  1998, 1999, 2001-2007      Juried
  • BEST OF THE WEST SHOW, Pinetop, Arizona,  2005, 2006      Invitational
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN STAMPEDE, Greeley, Colorado,  2004, 2005      Invitational
  • TEXAS WOMENS SHOW, THURBURN GALLERY, Fort Worth, Texas, February 2001
  • TWO PERSON SHOW, LONGHORN GALLERY, Denton, Texas,  November, 2000
  • TEXAS ARTISTS, LONGHORN GALLERY,  Denton, Texas    February 2000
  • SOLO SHOW,  LONGHORN GALLERY,  Denton, Texas,  February 1999
  • ARTS FOR THE PARKS,  Jackson Wyoming,   2002, 1999, 1998      Juried
  • BRECKENRIDGE FINE ARTS NATIONAL, Breckenridge, Texas    1997, 1998      Juried
Photo   By    David Overstreet
Howard Terpning and Sharon Standridge  at Night of Artists, 2007,  San Antonio, Texas.  
"I was delighted to meet this master artist, and  have him compliment me on my work."

  • BEST OF THE WEST Invitational Show, Pinetop, Arizona,  Popular Choice Award, ....2006
  • BOSQUE CONSERVATORY ART CLASSIC,  Patrons Popular Choice Award,.... 2004
  • THE ARTIST'S MAGAZINE, Finalist - Portrait,...;. 2004
  • OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA, Art of the West, Award of Excellence,....  2004
  • BOSQUE CONSERVATORY FINE ARTS, Gold Medal Award, Best Watercolor,.....2003
  • ARTS FOR THE PARKS, Finalist, The Mimi 50,.... 2002
  • THE ARTIST'S MAGAZINE, Finalist,- Still life,.... 2000
  • ARTS FOR THE PARKS , Top 100, Top 200,....1998,  1999
  • WATERCOLOR MAGAZINE, Finalist,.....1997
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN RIDER      "Bustin' Loose"   Cover,  April 2012
  • COUNTRY LIFESTYLE............October 2010 ,   The Texas Artist
  • WESTERN ART COLLECTOR       March, 2010,    Texas Stampede Show
  • WESTERN HORSEMAN ...........February, 2005.....Western Art Gallery
Stepping Back in Time,
Photo shoot in Montana!!